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Can I add to my order after I have finalized it?

Yes, use code "ADDON" to check out with any additional pieces you may be interested.

When is a specific coral/invert coming in?

The availability of our coral and other specimens is determined by a variety of factors, If you are interested in a species, be sure to contact us to ensure its availability at our facilities. 

What specific gravity do you keep on your livestock?

Our facility maintains a specific gravity of 1.018-1.020 for our fish species and 1.023-1.025 for corals and invertebrates. The water temperature for both types of specimens is kept at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. We take great care at maintaining the specific gravity and temperature levels in our aquarium to prevent our species from undergoing trauma and stress.

What do you feed your coral at REEFTIDE?

We broadcast several different types of foods once a week including Polyp Booster, Benepets, and LPS pellets. 

What sort of quarantine procedures are in place at REEFTIDE?

We handle our species with careful handling and experience. We also continue to uphold strict procedures for acclimation and husbandry of each specimen we keep. Every coral is dipped upon arrival and throughout its stay at our facility. We alternate dips between Melafix, Revive, Coral Rx, and Iodine. Corals are removed from any substrate they arrive on and put on a frag plug, disc, tile or rubble. 

Why should I quarantine my new arrivals?

We try our absolute best to present you with a quality, clean coral. Sometimes however, repeated dips(like those we do) can make some issues virtually impossible to see. We always recommend quarantine and observation as the best practice for keeping pests out of your tank. If you cannot quarantine make sure to always dip.